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If you would like to speak to former clients, please be in touch.  We respect the privacy of our clients but we also know how important it is for you to hear how we have performed in the past, so, a couple of very kind clients have allowed us to publish testimonials here and are prepared to be contacted, so if you want to speak to someone personally, please be in touch. You can also search for us on TripAdvisor and read our reviews there.

My partner and I took advantage of the services offered by Dadamanga, to explore Madagascar, in 2015. The principal, Mr Brett Massoud, personally accompanied us around most of the country over a 3 week period.


We experienced a very high standard of service and enjoyed the experience so much we are returning this summer and taking advantage once again of Dadamanga Travel Services to beautiful and fascinating Madagascar.


Brett is not only fluent in Malagasy language (as well as French and English) but he has a deep understanding of Malagasy society and culture. He runs his own wildlife sanctuary and has a passion for conservation.  Brett is also a fun, civilised  and entertaining travel companion.


I have no hesitation in recommending his Madagascar travel service.


Morgan W (Cooroy Australia)

Brett was an absolutely wonderful guide. As background, we decided to take a fairly short trip to Madagascar. We are a family of three and our daughter is 10 years old.

Here are a few things we really appreciated about him.


He worked to put together a wonderful itinerary that was perfectly tailored to our needs and preferences, with a very competitive price point.

He answered every question I had in detail.

Very meticulous.

During travel:

Fluent in Malagasy and English.

His many years living as a local gave us a very authentic experience.

Very intuitive: he knew when to talk and give us background information and when we were too tired to talk.

He was professional throughout the entire trip, but was fun, had a wonderful personality, and made us feel at ease.

Very, very kind to our daughter and made sure she was having a great time as well.

In the national forests and reserves, we had to have an extra guide who was local to the area. Brett was also there, and many times, he would even prompt our native guide with more information so they'd even tell us more. And sometimes, their English wasn't great, so Brett was able to translate and ask more questions for us. Very convenient. Very thoughtful.

Well prepared. We couldn't have had a better time in Madagascar. Even though we were only there a short while, he made sure we made the most of our time there.


Grace B (California USA)

I am very happy to give a reference for Brett Massoud, he is a very hard working, charismatic and humble character. He organised a three and a half week trip for me this May. His advice, itinerary and organisational abilities were exceptional and I had a really fantastic trip.


I usually travel solo and prefer to do all of my own research and bookings for any trip. Madagascar is not very easy to get your head around and I first encountered Brett on a TripAdvisor Forum when I was searching for information on the different regions and highlights, what it was possible to include in short trip and the best way to get around the country and how to book air tickets from outside the country.


He responded with just the sort of information I was looking for and helped me with an itinerary, patiently answering my naive questions and making some great suggestions. He had really taken the time and trouble to listen to what my preferences were and It was I who asked him wether he did this professionally. He said he was just starting up his Dadamanga business and on the strength of the in depth information he had given me I decided to use him. Friends urged caution as there were no testimonials to go by but he kindly gave me a few references which I checked out and who all gave him rave reviews.


I checked out the St Luce Reserve and the surrounding areas and, liking what I saw and the ecological concepts behind it, I decided to include it in my trip. It was undoubtedly the highlight. All of the lovely places and hotels that he proposed were spot on and then there was the really exciting back to nature experience that is St Luce Reserve itself. He is passionately involved in his project there and the amazing place he has created in the middle of that wilderness is a credit to his vision, taste and abilities.


Brett has lived in Madagascar for I think nearly 20 years and he is obviously well known, liked and respected in Fort Dauphin, he also knows the whole country, and its hotels very well indeed.


I was unobtrusively taken care of every single step of the way by the well educated and delightful guides and drivers that he recommended and yet I still feel like I was on my own personal exploratory trip.


I really can’t recommend him enough.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information…


Syvlia D (Sydney Australia)