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Dadamanga Extreme -7 nights, hiking in Anôsy

Tolagnaro, Evatra, Lokaro, Sainte Luce, Mahatalaky, Farafara-

Vatambe, Nahampoana, Tolagnaro

1: Gathering and health and safety meeting at Talinjoo, pre-hike massages for all. 1 night Talinjoo.


2 - 3: Hike Fort Dauphin to Evatra 1/2 day with a dugout canoe crossing at the Evatra river-mouth, pause for

lunch, then hike Evatra to Camp Pirate at Lokaro 1/2 day via the extraordinarily spectacular granite outcrops

and stunning beaches of the Presqu’ile d’Evatra, overnight at Camp Pirate, one full day free to relax and

swim at Lokaro or explore the area on foot or in dugout canoe. Another night at Camp Pirate and then early

morning departure for Sainte Luce. 2 nights Camp Pirate


4 - 5: Dugout river mouth crossing early morning to Vatoroka, and a hike over the headland to Itapera, the last

village before a full day hike to reach our own Sainte Luce Reserve. Overnight Sainte Luce Reserve, then a

full day off to explore our 20 km of beach and private forest where you can wander and explore nature with

or without a guide, on foot or by pirogue. Overnight again at Sainte Luce Reserve then early morning

departure by canoe to reach Manafiafy, the stunning fishing village where the French first settled Madagascar

in 1642. 2 nights Sainte Luce Reserve (glamping)


6: Depart the reserve at 0600 and depart Manafiafy 0800 to hike to Mahatalaky, then on through traditional

villages and coffee and fruit plantations, past the extraordinary cemeteries of the Tanôsy people and on past

wild groves of carnivorous nepenthes pitcher plants, taking a detour off the main road and walking in to the

mountain villages, past waterfalls and over rivers, stopping in the magical village of Farafara-Vatambe,

surrounded by mountains and on a river where the only population in the world of the palm Ravenea

musicalis grows. We then transfer you late afternoon by 4x4 to Nahampoana Reserve where you will wake up

with the lemurs in the morning. Overnight Nahampoana. We can then either drive you back to Fort

Dauphin, or you can hike the final 7 km of this amazing tour. 1 night Nahampoana Reserve.


7:Talinjoo hotel for a soak in the infinity pool on the edge of the Indian Ocean, massages for all, and the tour

comes to a close. 1 night Talinjoo.



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